Individual Career Coaching in Nursing


Expert medical file review Preparation of comprehensive reports condensing voluminous medical records into a single narrative

Plain language explanation and interpretation of medical findings for the non-medically trained audience

Attendance at critical medical appointments, including but not limited to IME’s

Medical training presentations and seminars for support medical staff and office personnel pertinent to legal reviews

Provide Mentoring and Coaching services for student nurses who are enrolled in any RN nursing degree pre-requisite programs; associate degree/diploma RN programs,
BSN, MSN, NP or DNP Program

1:1 mentorship program

Group mentorship programs

Individual One on One Coaching Appointments

Individual Career Coaching in Nursing

Design Mentorship Programs for Hospital and Nursing Programs

Teach Nursing Leadership Classes

Provide Live Interviewing practice sessions for RN New Graduates seeking their first job

Classes on crucial conversations in the workplace

Speaker on Professional Practice & Shared Governance Models

Speak on differences between the DNP & PhD in Nursing Career Advisement


Dr. Elsie Crowninshield

Telephone: +1-818-421-0735